Thursday, August 14, 2008

I grew up watching....

Its morning and the alarm didn't go off today.... aaaahhhh feels like today is Sunday. Start of the day with a Big cup of hot tea...the first sip... takes all the laziness away and u ease on yr chair admiring the beautiful bright day which u can spend as you wish to do. Yeah!! Sundays are special...and as a child i use to love it for many no school on this day was the primary reason :).

Sunday use to be much awaited day for the specail TV shows they use to telecaste my earliest memory goes to the time when they use to show Fairlytale Theatre, Disney Hour and Fraggle Rock. I can still picture myself watching Fairlytale Theatre with my mouth open surprised by the magical world of Fairlytale. After a few years mythology concept was brought into television and in very shortime everyone knew Raja Dasharath and Rama. The Shops would shut, life would come to stand still to watch this mythological serial, for hours we would be watching arrows flying in the air multiplying and changing forms. Mahabharata was even bigger...with so many different characters, events and technology it was even better. To be honest i have watched Mahabharata as many times as it was shown on TV be it DD or Zee. And who can forget Mogli... Jungle book everybody would sing the title song... Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai...

Not to forget the wonderful shows telecasted during the week, Ados Pados, Nukkad, Buniyaad, Hum Log these were the favorite of my parents they till date talk about these serials i dont much remember about the first two but Badki, majli and chukti of Hum Log... i remember and also Dada moni ( Ashok Kumar) giving the intro for each episode. That was first time i understood that partition equally bad for Indians and Pakisthanis. Watching shows like Spiderman, Gaint Robot, Heman gave room to an imganinery world.. i remember playing episodes of Gaint Robot with my friends and everybody would fight to be Gaint Robot... ha ha..Byomkesh Bakshi, Gopichand Jasoos, Tenali Raman and Akbar Birbal were other favorites and who can forget Swami of Malguri days. Simple story of a young boy from village touched our hearts. Shows like Paramvir Chakra and Udaan made me determined to join Defense.The show i loved to hate was Kile Ka Rahasya i would hide behind my mom and watch that serial at every climax... i would swear... i will never watch this again :D :D Zigma... does anyone remember that show... desi version of Star Trek in school we would make paper gloves/watch which were worn in the show and we would say "OVER" after each dialogue. I wonder why didnt they telecast that show again. If anyone has any link about this serial please send it to me.

My other favourites were Indradhanus, Stone Boy, Surabhi, PC aur Mausi, Dekh bhai Dekh. Chunauti, Neev, Campus were story of student in hostel... it was the first time ragging and drugs on college campus was paid attention to. For once i was scared to be in college. And not to forget KING KHAN...Sharukh.. Fauji, Dusra Keval and Circus... i remember Fauji use to be telecasted during my Balvihar class... and i would try to convince my mom to let me skip Balvihar (which never succeeded) so that i could watch King Khan. Dusra Keval was a very touching story of sikh parents who had lost there son to Terrorism.

There are many more like Vikram aur Betal, Bharat ek Khoj, The Sword of Tipu Sultan ( i loved the title song music), Jeevan Rekha, Kitty of Karamchand, Talaash these were the show which i grew up watching...there were only few channels still we never got bored of watching them...and yes... we didn't have to go through the torcher of watching saas bahu jhagada, lead actors/actresses dying and reincarnations...Wish could watch these shows again and go back to those wonderful Sundays and other weekdays..


Thanks Swaptalk... for giving me the link of all DD shows

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Anonymous said...

gosh jaya! i had forgotten some of these serials! i remember zigma! lol! and then there was this one called kashish...did you see that? i loved it!!