Thursday, April 9, 2009


It has been a long time since I blogged… I attempted few times but failed either to take out time or gather enthusiasm to type thoughts in my mind. There were lots of incidences that I wanted to blog about. I haven’t blogged since August 08, that’s the time I started to work. Yeah! in August a new chapter of my life began (living the big American Dream) … I stepped into the shoes of Super Woman of 21 century…. and since then I have trying to keep pace with it. Man its not easy to be there…. Working and taking care of the house…. Hats off to the Woman who do it… and do it so effortlessly.

In the month of November I wanted to write so desperately… this is something I wrote but could not finish it…

“It was a busy Wednesday; all I could think was the thanks giving gathering and delicious food which will be served…3 days of fun and fabulous food… Until my boss informed me about the blast in Mumbai… confused and worried I picked up my cell phone and noticed several missed calls from my best friend and before I could call my husband called to say about the blast at CST and firing at Taj Mahal hotel. Shocked and horrified I called my parents middle of the night just to check if they were all safe.. and the next I texted my ex boss GM of one of the leading Five Star hotel in Mumbai. And from that moment on I could not think of anything else… than if the same would have happened couple of years back I could have been one of the witness of terror or worst victim of it. Living in Mumbai for 10yrs I have had many narrow escapes from terror attacks and have seen how soon Mumbai bounces back to normal and the way Mumbaikars pick up bits and pieces and move ahead.

It is the spirit of Mumbai that it goes back to normal, with un answered and un solved questions. There is no effort by the Central or State government to answer any questions of Mumbaikars

Three days all of us were glued to the Television watching Fox news and CNN to get the latest update, we argued, discussed and debated on the situation in India and the possible things that our dear Politicians can do if they have time from cutting ribbons, creating more complexities and dividing people on the basis of religion, region, language, caste, creed, sex and any other possible source. And all we could feel was helpless, anguish, frustration and agitation. How many more incidences or innocent lives will it take to our politicians to understand that they have a duty to do.”

We (my husband and our close friends) debated on this for several weeks… of what India should do our how can India protect itself from our not so friendly neighbors. 

1. The most important thing is… secure our borders… not only the north west regions but also the areas where we share border with countries like Bangla Desh, Nepal, China & Maynmar.
2. Discontinue any diplomatic relationship with Pakistan.
3. Have a ARMY SWAT team in every big city. 

The other time wanted to blog was…. 14th Feb 2009… time spent with two of my school friends. Last time I met one of them was in 1998. 11years ago… so much time has passed since, things didn’t change that much for us.
It took me back to those fun school days… were there ample sunshine (guys u learn to appreciate sunshine after stay in this country for 2 years), lots of known faces, big green playgrounds and a siren (or what we called as bhonga! lol…) to say its time to go home and study. Guy’s thanks for stopping by and for that quick journey back in time which brought those wonderful feelings back.