Monday, February 4, 2008


As days are coming nearer for my long awaited trip to India; I keep skipping into flash back mode of old days…. School times, college days, time spent with friends – family. And somehow it took me to what my friends and family called me at different stages of my life.

Yes!! My parents named me as JAYA, Meaning -Feminine form of JAY. It is another name of the Hindu goddess Durga. Initially though they wanted to name me as USHA… as according to my horoscope the hindi akshar U came up, but my mom wanted something a little uncommon. As a Bengali or rather in Bangla it is pronounced as J-O-Y-A. So I am called as Joya by all the Bengalis. At home only my father calls me Joya; di and mom calls me Jayu, i miss the way mom would take my name every morning to wake me up. All my non Bengali friends in our first 10 questions after introduction asks “so do you have a pet name like all bongs do? Which sounds like ribu, papu, popi, dodo,” the answer is NO. Two of my close friends from school call me Jayu too..(I hope you guys read this blog :))

As a teenager and a bully in school people nick named me Amitabh Bachchan ha ha….. I really was a dada in school. In college my group “PAKAUS” called me as Jaya dada, I tried to leave my bully and tom boy traits back in home – but it didn’t quite work.

Then came those days of facing the real world… yeah work life! I have worked in 5 different places… everywhere was named something @ Informatics it was chulbuli fataka, Call centre – Chelsea Roggers (pseudo name) they also called me Bong Babe, friends at Maratha…….. ha ha we use to great each other as… chudail, kamini, manhus (we still do that), GRM… it was - J- just that…. And my last place of work… I really miss ITC GRAND CENTRAL my boss Mr. Malik called me Miss India, fountain of English, Gonchi Gaan (means confused cow) depending on his mood, other colleagues called me Bhatakti atmaa… coz I use to appear at places least expected of me to be… :D :D

Just when I thought it was over… after shaadi… it didn’t… I got another name, what my loving Sasu maa calls me Mamuni (all her love can be felt when she takes my name) So that’s it till now…. I am sure there will be many more…


Anonymous said...

sahi blog hai jayu :-)

Anonymous said...

Good one dear...!!!JAYA DI..

Anonymous said...

abe o Gonchi gaan! I like this post! It brings out your personal style...and BTW Mr. Malik had the best names for you!!