Monday, February 18, 2008

Going Home SWEET Home

At this moment there are so many topics in my head for this weeks blog. But none of them can over power the thought that i will be reaching Mumbai on Friday. From past few weeks there is nothing but this excitement of reaching Mumbai and meeting everyone... Its like i have been waiting for this moment since the time i set my foot in US. Everyone here says you will find it very different, it will be difficult for you to cope up with weather, traffic, air, pollution etc etc. Well! i really want to feel that... i want to see that just one year of staying outside my country can change my habits so much? I mean the air which i have breathed for more than 25yrs of my life; i will find it difficult to do so? I agree with the traffic part :D

Right now i feel like a spectator in a tensed India Pakistan match, where India has to chase 380 runs. The suspense of the 2nd innings.... the excitement, the doubts in yr head and the bursting patriotism in my heart. In my one year here, on anyone asking "how do you like it here" my answers where.... i miss mumbai, don't like it, HATE it. Though the comforts i live in now are more than i ever asked for its peaceful, more secured but..... these things could not win my heart. I wonder why?

So here i am waiting to reach my mother land, waiting to see again all the familiar face i have know throughout my life, waiting to visit the familiar places and waiting to feel the difference. Mumbai here i come!


POORNIMA said...

Hey Jayu....i can understand yaar....hope u have a grt time dear

Anonymous said...

There's no such place as home baby! Have a great time!